Irish Dance Costumes

Our costume policy is as follows: Dancers who choose to perform and/or compete must do so in our school costume. While we don’t require either performing or competing, any dancer who chooses to do so MUST have a costume.

How you wear your hair is part of the costume. ALL girls MUST wear their hair up in a bun when performing and/or competing for the Culkin School. Remember that you all are representatives and ambassadors of the school.  The school’s nice, neat, signature look is standard for all dancers! It is absolutely NOT acceptable to wear your hair differently. Side buns (buns worn on the side of  your head) are NOT permitted.  If you arrive at a feis or performance with your hair styled differently, you will be asked to change it in order to participate. We are a team–and you all are part of TEAM CULKIN!




Any female dancer who plans to compete at the Beginner or Advanced Beginner level *NEW* Black jumper with Culkin Claddagh embroidered on the front, white shirt. Select sizes available for purchase at the Dress & Shoe exchanges in the Fall & Spring; Cost: $60.


Any female dancer who wishes to compete at the Novice or Prizewinner Level, and all team dancers TWO dresses currently in circulation:

Old dress” – original design, velveteen fabric. Gently used dresses available for purchase from current families.  Fazing out by January 2019.

New dress – updated, modern design, gabardine fabric.

Old dress:  For sale in Loft at Hughes and by individual families. Costs vary.

New Dress: Ordering process is limited-orders will take place in August/September & Spring time. Booster Club helps defray costs to $450 + S&H


(Girls & Boys)

Any dancer who competes at the Preliminary and Champion Level The beautiful “sparkly dresses” and dapper men’s vests and jackets Dancers at this level work with Culkin staff and professional seamstresses. Costs vary.

(Girls & Boys)

All dancers who wish to perform at shows of all levels (nursing homes, schools, all the way up to the Kennedy Center) Black performance tee, black pants (boys) or black skirt and black tights (girls).  The Performance tees are polyester with the Culkin “C” on the front and the website on the back.  The boys shirts have a crew neck and the girls have a V-neck. Performance tee’s: available in the loft at Hughes throughout the year. Cost: $25.  

Black Skirts and tights: some sizes available in the loft.  Also found at Repeat Performance in Rockville


(Girls & Boys)

Anyone who wants to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parades Black Culkin Crew Neck sweatshirt, white turtleneck, black pants or leggings Sweatshirts on sale in the loft at Hughes throughout the year.  Cost: $25


For female team dancers who are competing at the championship level only (Level 6 & 7). A wrap-around, gabardine skirt with updated design, black tights, mock-turtleneck long-sleeved leotard. New Skirt: Ordering process is limited-orders will take place in August/September & Spring time. Booster Club helps defray cost to $65 + S&H


Any male dancer who plans to compete at the Beginner and Advanced Beginner level Black button down shirt, white tie, black pants Dancers purchase these items on their own.  JC Penney is often a good choice!


Any male dancer who plans to compete at the Novice through Prizewinner level Black button down shirt, white tie, black pants worn with the Culkin Vest (black vest with white claddagh embroidery) Used vests will be available in the loft at Hughes and individual families. Costs vary.


It is possible to order several items needed for our costumes through Repeat Performance throughout the year. Items are listed below. Repeat Performance Dancewear, 5050-B Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852. Please note that all prices are subject to change.

  • Black Performance/Pub Skirt: ask for their “Character Skirt in black. Child’s $22/Adult $24.
  • Capezio black tights: Capezio Black Ultra Soft Transition Tights style #1816C for children ($13) and #1816 for Adults ($15).
  • Black Leotard: Balera black leotard: mock-turtleneck with long sleeves. Child $20, Adult $25. Can also order from this website-just click here.


ALL Culkin dancers who choose to perform or compete, are required to wear their hair in a bun – ON THE TOP of the crown of their head.

New Championship Team Costume

SCRUNCHIE BUN: The “scrunchie bun” is worn by all dancers who are under the age of 10. Dancers over the age of 10 should plan to wear one for the majority of Culkin School performances. Camelia Rose Wigs has created a bun just for the Culkin School. Buns can be ordered at Shoe & Dress Exchanges. They are $10.

Dancers can also order a ‘srunchie bun’ from Revlon Wigs online. The bun you need to order is called “TWIST” and has an order number 6315. Please make sure that it matches your hair color. Please click here to get directly to Revlon’s site.

CAMELIA ROSE DOUBLE LUCY BUN: “The Camelia Rose Double Lucy Bun” is worn by dancers who are over the age of 10. All competitive team dancers, over the age of 10, are required to wear this bun.  You can purchase the Double Lucy Bun at feiseanna from vendors who carry Camelia Rose products and/or online. Please make sure to match your hair color correctly.

Click here for the Camelia Rose website.

**PLEASE NOTE: that all buns can be ordered during Dress and Shoe Exchanges.The school has a color wheel to match hair and will place bulk orders for Culkin Dancers An email will be sent on the Yahoo! Group informing dancers when orders are going to be placed and how to match your hair**.


New Team Costume

New Team Costume

Headbands for dancers who are wearing the Double  Lucy Buns are available from Head for the World. Headband orders

can also be placed during Shoe and Dress Exchanges. All figures teams wearing the Double Lucy Bun are required to wear the school/team headband. You can look them up on FaceBook by clicking here.

  Adult Costumes

The adult dancers at the Culkin School wear a simple black, long sleeve stretch velvet dress which can be made or purchased commercially. Please make sure to check with your instructor about current dress orders. We are currently updating our ordering process and will update the website as soon as everything is set.

For major céilí competitions, the adults add a white competition shawl and white cuffs, which are provided by the school.


"Old Costume"

“Old Costume”

Many of you have asked what the “loft” is and how to find it! The “loft” is a storage area at Hughes United Methodist Church, 10700 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring that acts as a consignment shop for gently used items as well as a few new items for dancers to purchase directly from the school.

What can you find in “THE LOFT”? You can find new and gently used items to purchase directly from the school. Here is a list of items currently “in stock”.

  • Crew Neck Sweatshirts
  • Gray, White, Black cotton T-Shirts
  • Performance T-shirts
  • cotton and mesh Culkin shorts
  • small sized black Performance Skirts (new)
  • Gently used Culkin Velveteen Dresses (limited in numbers & size)
  • Gently used hardshoes (limited sizes)
  • Gently used softshoes (boys & girls–limited sizes)

If you are in need of any of these items, you can make a visit to Hughes UMC any time. Please make sure to schedule your visit while classes are being held so you can enter the hall. Once there, please let the instructor in charge know that you are there looking for items. They will help guide you. You can find the class schedules on the calendar on this website. Click here for the Full-Year Class Schedule. If you are unsure, please just email your instructor and they can give you a time to come up to the hall.

If you are a Bethesda, Kensington or Rockville dancer, you can always request items from your instructor and they can bring what you need to next week’s class. You can also email your instructors to request items. For current email addresses, click here.


If you have gently used costume items, shoes, wigs and even Culkin Gear or Spirit Wear, just itemize the product and bring it up to Hughes UMC, 10700 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, 20902. We ask that you please label the item(s) with your name, phone number, price and also include a self-addressed, stamped envelop where a check can be sent by the buyer. You can pin this information to your items. Please place shoes in a ziplock baggie with an index card containing your name, number, and address and of course the selling price. Please also place a self-addressed, stamped envelop so that a check can be sent by the buyer. It’s suggested that you label the bottom of both shoes with your last name so that they are easy to match. It is important that you include a phone number where you can be reached on any item.

If you are a Bethesda, Kensington, or Rockville dancer you are welcome to pass on items to be sold to your instructor, who will bring them to “the loft”. Several times a year, your instructor will bring bins of shoes to your location for dancers to try on. If your dancer is in need of new shoes–please inform  your instructor as they are happy to bring gently used shoes to their class whenever necessary!


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