Winter/Spring Sessions

**BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!** CULKIN TOTS MINI-MESTERS: for dancers 3-5 years of age!

The music and movement of Irish Dance are perfect for engaging young ones in fun activities such as balancing, skipping, hopping and clapping to music.  These pre-learning tasks are so important to help children prepare for school… and what better way to do them than through Irish dance?  This class is taught by both an Irish Dance teacher and a pre-school teacher, the sessions are 30 minutes long and are on Saturday Mornings in Rockville.

All of our Culkin Tots are welcome to be in the St Patrick’s Day Parades with us if they wish!

2022 Fall Update:  The schedule will be finalized by mid-August, please check back!


IF your dancer is interested in learning Irish dance but was busy playing other sports this Fall, this program is a perfect introduction to the basics of Irish dance and will prepare your dancer for our Summer Camps and our Full-Time Yearly program in the Fall. Dancers will work on balance, musicality and movement as it pertains to Irish dance and will have FUN doing it!  This course consists of 45 minute classes once a week; just enough time for your dancer to learn to love Irish dancing!  Email to find out if there are any spaces available in classes that will work for you!

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