Cleaning Your Culkin Costume

 Care of the Culkin School Dress           

Your dress is made of 100% cotton velveteen. The lining and shawl are 100% polyester satin. The stiffener is Timtex.  All of these fabrics are both washable and dry-cleanable; however, special care is required to keep your dress looking its best.           

To avoid black color bleeding to white, your dress should be dry cleaned only and  infrequently. The safest method of cleaning is spot-cleaning, using a baby wipe or a clean damp cloth.  Take care not to damage the pile of the velvet. When dry,  you can lightly brush the nap with a soft toothbrush or clothes brush to restore the nap.  The shawl is washable.  To press, lay the dress face down on a thick terry  towel and press from the back with steam. To avoid spotting, cover the satin with a cloth.

NOTE: Use disposable dress shields to keep your new Culkin Dress looking and smelling fresh. Just peel the strips from the adhesive and stick the shield to the dress at the armpit seam. When you have finished wearing the dress for the day, remove and discard the shield.  Air the dress until dry before storing. You can find dress shields at JoAnns. NOTE: If you plan to resell your dress, this is an important step to keeping your dress smelling fresh and protecting it from sweat smells and marks.

Care of the Culkin School Adult (stretch velvet) Dress

The dress is washable; however, it is over-dyed, so wash it in COLD water with like colors.  Tumble dry low or hang dry.

The shawl must be dry cleaned to prevent color bleeding onto the satin.

Press lightly with steam on “wool” setting with a terry towel over the velvet to protect the nap.  When pressing the shawl, cover the satin to prevent spotting.

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