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In this age of social media, it’s easy to keep in touch with our dancers and their families! There are several modes of communication in which the school uses to pass on up-to-date information.

We currently have a FaceBook page, Twitter account, Flickr account, Yahoo! Group and even some videos on YouTube you can access. We even use SignUpGenius to share all of our performance information.

Our new website format has allowed us to provide a LOT of quick links for your convenience. On the right side of every page of the site you’ll find five round, blue social media dots. These ‘dots’ link to the most used Culkin social media sites: FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, Yahoo! and SignUpGenius. Just click those to access the sites! (Please note that you do have to become a member of the Yahoo! Group in order to access that account).

Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are constantly updated with class location changes, performance opportunities and any inclement weather cancellations. Please make use of these sites!

You can view our most recent Facebook post on our website in the sidebar on every page!


To make it easier for us to communicate important information to everyone in the school, we have created an email list (using a Yahoo! service) that will include a list of all students’ email addresses.

Messages posted to the list will be broadcast to all list members. These messages typically include notification of class location changes, performance details, or other items of interest.

Also, there is a separate list for the Culkin adult students.

If you’d like to become a member (which we highly suggest), just click on the orange or green buttons which are present on every page of the site on the right hand side in the sidebar.

Once you click the button, just follow the prompts.  NOTE: All requests for memberships will be verified and approved prior to adding new members to the group. Please respond to the email from the group moderator to verify your request.

Once your membership is approved, you should then be able to go to the site – use this link for the Culkin School Groups page and use this link for the Culkin Adults Groups page – to see the list of members, or to check out past messages.  Be sure to bookmark this page in your “Favorites” list.

SPAM FILTERS! To make sure you get your messages, please your group email address as an approved address to avoid emails being sent to your junk folders


We are happy to provide the school with an active calendar right here on our website! The calendar will include holiday, class location, performance, feis, and Culkin school event information. Please make sure to utilize this tool! The calendar is accessible by clicking the “calendar” tab and the five most recent calendar events are posted in the sidebar on every page of our website! Just click here to access the calendar.


The website blog, which is located on the “Presentation Page” has our five most current blog posts. We will update the blog daily with class schedule/location changes, inclement weather announcements, congratulatory messages, and more! Please make sure to check out the blog posts when you can! Just click here to view the blog posts!


  • The Culkin School has moved to for performance information and sign ups. Once the SignUpGenius link has been created with all the performance details, an email with the link is sent through our RegOnline registration system to all dancers who are eligible for that show.
  • Once a show is in the SignUpGenius system, an announcement is also posted on our school Yahoo! Group. If your dancer is interested in performing, please make sure to check our Yahoo! Group for postings. If you are NOT a member of the Yahoo! Group, please go to our website for instructions on how to become a member. Just click the “connect” link.
  • All shows are also listed on the calendar on our website. Just click here to get to the calendar.
  • To get to the Culkin School’s page you can click here to get to SignUpGenius.comNOTEYou have to type in in the “search for the creator’s email address” to get to the show sign ups.

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