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To make it easier for us to communicate important information to everyone in the school, we have created an email list (using a Yahoo service) that will include a list of all students’ email addresses.

Messages posted to the list will be broadcast to all list members. These messages typically include notification of class location changes, performance details, or other items of interest.

Also, there is a separate list for the Culkin adult students.

If you want to become a member of either list and receive updates, please enter your email in one (or both) of the boxes to the right.


NOTE: All requests for memberships will be verified and approved prior to adding new members to the group. Please respond to the email from the group moderator to verify your request.

Once your membership is approved, you should then be able to go to the site – use this link for the Culkin School Groups page and use this link for the Culkin Adults Groups page – to see the list of members, or to check out past messages.  Be sure to bookmark this page in your “Favorites” list.

SPAM FILTERS! To make sure you get your messages, please your group email address as an approved address to avoid emails being sent to your junk folders

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