When our dancers are ready to compete or perform, they will need to purchase the right costume elements.  Our Costume Coordinator periodically organizes bulk ordering of costuming elements, and we also have a shared document where families can list or look for used items from each other.

  • Beginner Jumper: for female dancers under the age of 10, this jumper and blouse set can be worn for all performances and competitions.
  • Pub Costume: for female dancers 10 and up, this skirt and Culkin t-shirt combo is worn at most shows. For male dancers, the male t-shirt is paired with self-sourced black pants.
  • Culkin School Dress: female dancers aged 10 and up who compete at feisanna need the Culkin School dress.  These dresses are also worn at some higher profile performances.
  • Parade Sweatshirt: all dancers and volunteers wear the Culkin crewneck sweatshirt and black pants or leggings for our annual St Patrick’s Day parade appearance!
  • Solo Dresses and Vests: championship level dancers can work with our staff to get their own “sparkly costume” once they reach this level!