A Feis (pronounced “fesh”) is the name given to a judged competition of Irish dance. Feiseanna (the plural of feis and pronounced “fesh-ah-na”) are accredited by the North American Feis Commission.

Dancers compete starting at the Beginner level, and by placing advance through Advanced Beginner, Novice and Prizewinner levels before entering the Championship levels. Results are recorded on the Feis Record form available from the school.

The Culkin School has developed a set of competition standards for all students. Follow this link to read our standards.   All competitions must have at least 5 participants for the results to count.

Competitors are categorized by age, and a dancer may choose to compete in multiple dances.

Feis Listing

The definitive resource on the Internet is the North American Feis Commission site which links to the complete listing of feiseanna in the United States and Canada.

Feis Tips

A feis is an excellent chance for a dancer to perform in front of an audience and get critiqued by dance teachers from other schools. It can also be a bit intimidating your first few times. Follow this link for an easy-to-print guide on what to do and what to expect. Hopefully, these tips will help make your feis experience as rewarding as possible.

Feis Culkin

Every fall, the Culkin School hosts our very own feis…. Feis Culkin. Not only is this competition a great opportunity for our dancers to compete, but it’s a great way to get involved in supporting the school.

For information on the feis, visit the Feis Culkin website.

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