Official SRO 2014 Results

Please find attached the official Team Culkin placements for the SRO 2014 in Orlando. We are proud of each and every one of our dancers!! It was wonderful to see everyone shine on stage! Way to go!


Under 9 Girls

13th Alex O

14th Erin M

 Under 9 Boys


 Under 11 Girls

20th Caleigh M (NQ)

24th Myra M (NQ)

29th Shannon D (NQ)

36th Hannah C (NQ)

37th Sophia R (NQ)

Under 12 Girls

13th Michaela L (WQ/NQ)

14th Sophia P (WQ/NQ)

46th Caroline I

Under 13 Girls

35th Kayla Cesone  (NQ)

Under 14 Girls

46th Molly Q

56th Katie D

59th Elly B

Under 15 Girls

7th Tati K (WQ/NQ)

17th Molly O (NQ)

Under 15 Boys

4th Austin Brown (WQ/NQ)

Under 16 Girls

26th Natalie W (NQ)

28th Mary C (NQ)

32nd Aleah J (NQ)

Under 16 Boys

3rd Luke R (WQ/NQ)

5th Matthew L (WQ/NQ)

6th Nick K (NQ)

Under 17 Boys

2nd Alex P (WQ/NQ)

Under 19 Girls

4th Sam D (WQ/NQ)

17th Emily M (NQ)

Under 20 Girls

2nd Moira R (WQ/NQ)


Under 8

8th Marisa J

Under 9

5th Maddy M

Under 11

1st Bonnie C

4th Leah B

Under 12

2nd Aela R

8th Molly K

Under 14

15th Nancy O

Under 16

1st Natalie W

 Adult Competition

4th Laura B

6th Lynne H

9th Laura H

10th Janet P

11th Susan M

17th Julia T


Under 10 Girls 4-hand

14th Maddy M, Marisa J, Alex O, Claire Q

Under 12 Girls 4-hand

4th Hannah C, Shannon D, Caroline I, Sophia R

26th Leah B, Aela R, Bonnie C, Alex O

Under 12 Girls 8-hand

6th Hannah C, Shannon D, Caroline I, Sophia R, Leah B, Bonnie C, Alex O, Aela R

Under 15 Girls 4-hand

33rd Brenna K, Katie D, Natalie W, Molly Q

Under 15 Girls 8-hand

7th Brenna K, Natalie W, Elly B, Molly Q, Katie D, Tati K, Sophia P, Caroline I

Over 15 Mixed 4-hand

4th Tati K, Sophia P, Austin B, Nick K

Adult Ladies 4-hand

1st Lynne H, Debbie K, Tammy L, Alexandra W

2nd  Susan M, Laura B, Laura H, Julia T

3rd  Pam L, Janet P, KC, Bonnie Z

6th Kristen M, Eileen B, Anna B, Suzanne S

Adult Ladies 8-hand

1st  Lynne H, Debbie K, Tammy L, Alexander W, Janet P, Pam Lew, Laura B, Susan M

2nd Julie T, Laura H, Kristen M, Eileen B, Suzanne S, Bonnie Z, KC, Anna B