Irish Dance History


The Culkin family traces its heritage to County Sligo in Ireland. The colors of our school (black and white) are inspired by the predominant use of these colors in the heraldic tradition of Sligo. County Sligo is located in the province (original Irish kingdom) of Connacht.

Culkin Dancers

Because of the various performances in which the Culkin School has participated, the school has created educational materials on Irish dance, Irish music and other topics to help families get the most out of their experience.

Available on this page are several study guides for individual topics created by our artistic director, Nicki Bayurst, ADCRG.  Please feel free to read and use these guides for reports or presentations or general information about the Culkin School and Irish dance.

(Remember students… If you use anything from our educational material for your school reports, don’t forget to cite your source as the “Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance Educational Material.”  No plagiarizing!

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